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The Persona Project 
Safe & Sexy 

Safe & Sexy documents women in the public space in two modes; one for comfort, one for attraction. Through portraits, interviews and audio, I explore how social conventions, economic structures, personal history and location shape our visual and psychological landscape. This seemingly simplistic approach invokes a complex dialogue on the layered realities of individuals navigating a terrain of vulnerability, power, comfort, and attraction. The women choose their outfits and a location familiar to them. One persona does not exclude the other- at times interchangeable or the same. The diptych presents a dual ‘first impression’ and highlights that a woman’s appearance and body language function as a barometer for their level of interactivity with those around them. These portraits reference contemporary culture and mainstream media's fascination with self-transformation through "before and after" imagery.


USA:  NYC, San Francisco, San Jose, Ca

Sweden:  Stockholm, Skellefteå 

Canada:  Winnipeg, Quebec, Halifax, Toronto

Brazil:  Rio de Janeiro. - not sure why Brazil hyper link when copy/save

South Africa


Turkey:  Istanbul (coming soon)

Upcoming Exhibit

Opening Reception  Friday, March 3, at 6 P.M.

Artist's Talk  Saturday, March 11, at 2 P.M.

The Persona Project:  Safe & Sexy Workshop for Teens  Saturday, March 11, 11 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

All events are at  Sea Cliff Arts Council, 86 Roslyn Avenue, Sea Cliff, New York 11579

Interview Questions

Do you think about what you are wearing when you walk out the door?
Do you think about safety?
What makes you feel comfortable and/or safe and why?
What makes you feel attractive and/or sexy and why?
How do you alter the way you dress for work, going out, and in your neighborhood?
What makes you feel powerful?
What makes you feel vulnerable?
How do you feel or respond when someone stares or whistles at you?
At what point is it not ok?
What is your mode of transportation?
Have you ever used your gender or sexuality to get what you want, and if so, how?
What do you fear most from men?
What do you fear most from women?
Does your partner like for you to dress sexy?
When does sexy become trashy?
How has where and how you grew up or lived affected your perceptions of comfort and sexuality in the public space?
How has this changed for you over the years?

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